Another major achievement delivering acoustic service in a high reverberation worship space. The Diman Patriarchal See Church with all round non-absorbing flat surfaces that typically lead to reverberation times of up to 6.5 seconds resulting in zero speech intelligibility and loss of articulation, a problem that exists even with natural human voice speech at any distance exceeding the 2-meter mark. The solution was delivered using our intricate audio engineering design coupled with flagship loudspeakers and audio equipment resulting in a system capable of delivering fully intelligible speech throughout the space under full occupancy while accommodating inputs from choir, musical instruments, and up to 11 NOM’s (Number of Open Microphones). The system is supplemented with an outdoor capability using 3-way all weather R-series loudspeakers capable of servicing the 2,000 m2 outdoor front yard with crisp audio quality.


— Houses of worship / Churches


— 2017


  • Audio system

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