PA public address, fire evacuation with auto message deployment systems

Public address systems are an essential tool in communication throughout a premises or campus.  We have nearly 23 years experience of installing and servicing a wide range of audio and public address equipment.

 -Public address systems can broadcast information from single or multiple sources to large groups of people in:


  • Specific areas of a building – “zones”
  • All areas of a building – “all call”


Messages are sent from an operator via a microphone console or telephone handset and are routed through amplifiers before being distributed from speakers in the designated areas.

PA Systems can distribute music into work places from digital media or radio.


-Voice Alarm Systems form part of the Fire Alarm Systems evacuation system where a spoken message gives clear details of the problem and identifies the necessary action to be taken.

  It has been proven to be the fastest and safest method of evacuation because it delivers an emergency attention drawing signal followed by a recorded message, whilst also delivering live emergency announcements from the fire officer.

Standard facilities available on PA systems include:

  • Routine paging announcements
  • Background music,
  • Interfaces to other devices
  • Spot announcements
Public address systems